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and knitting, too

so many projects... so little time

May 10th, 2004

May 8th, 2004

Coming soon, to a mailbox near.. me. @ 12:38 pm

-Two skeins of Noro Daria Multi (colorway 6). I saw it in the yarn store in Chatham the last time I was there, but the woman was mean to me and so I didn't buy any. It has this really interesting tubalar texture thing, like the gold elastics you get on jewelery boxes at Sears, but not stretchy and prettier. any suggestions for a project?

-Charlotte's Web Pattern PLUS Koigu PPPM in pretty green and blue colorways (like P516, P822, P103 & two more I cannot remember), plus a little extra of one of them to make the Elegant Gauntlets from The Purl Stitch

-Sunrise/Sunset Poncho Pattern (I saw it on the Sueet Bag page on knitty, and wanted to knit it more than the bag!)

no more yarn for me.

May 7th, 2004

PS @ 01:18 am

Maybe I had a small yarn breakdown and bought some Koigu PPPM. You'll just have to wait and see.


Go check out Jen's lovely finished Salt Peanuts!.

It almost inspires me to knit instead of sleeping. But I'm tired, man, so sleep wins.

I'm very excited to finish this sweater, though. I can't wait till mine is done.

Oh, a progress update.

I'm on the collar shaping of the second front, into the end of the short rows, battling it out and almost done. And then I cast on for the sleeves, and seam a lot, and voila. And when I return to the land of Sterling Forest, I can borrow my stepfather's digital camera and take excessive pictures of my progress. And possibly my cat. And maybe Artemis. She's very cute, Artemis is. And then start a new project! Or finish one I've already started! (like my knitted vibrator cozy. I need to finish that).

May 6th, 2004

(no subject) @ 05:56 pm

Still knitting the other front of Salt Peanuts. Sometimes, finals get in the way of your knitting. Seriously, why can they do that?

I did block the back and one front, and seamed them together. I've never had a big... seaming project before. The other sweater I made was all on one piece, and just needed some kitchenering under the arms - simple finishing. So yeah. Lots of seaming and weaving in ends in my future, I feel.

And now, very exciting, I know, I will post projects that I want to knit! in preparation for my summer of knitting.

1. Aimee.
2. Easy Lace Duster.
3. Charlotte's Web - but I must find a nicer yarn store than the one in Chatham, because I don't think they'd appreciate me playing with their yarn
4. Something with the pile of Noro Silk Garden (already have yarn)
5. Eyelet skirt for Amanda (already have yarn)
6. Shapely Tank for Lindsey (already have yarn)
7. Elegant Gauntlets from The Purl Stitch
8. College Cardigan from The Purl Stitch
9. A sweater for Mattt
10. New Bottom's Up Bucket Hat in Sugar N Cream (already have yarn)

I think that is it. Ten is a good number. And I still need to finish Salt Peanuts.

Oh! I remembered another one!

11. French Market Bag, in Cascade 220 (already have yarn)

I think that I should use my stashed yarn up before I buy more. So.. of these projects? Four of them are using stashed yarn. So I must complete two before I can buy new yarn! Yes. Good deal for me.

Now. My final approaches.

April 26th, 2004

(no subject) @ 12:17 pm

Finished my Bottom's Up Bucket Hat on Friday, and returned for a few rows of Salt Peanuts on Saturday. That didn't last long because of Strike, and the fact that I was staying up all night to go to DC Sunday morning. Did not knit on the bus - just mostly slept.

BUT we saw some other people with wristbands too!

Sadly, I lost my hat at the March - my hair was up, my hair was done, Lindsey was holding my sign, there were barrettes and a hat on my head, and a hat in my pocket, and then no more hat.

I wasn't very attatched to it anyway, but it is still quite sad.

I have plans to make another one in Sugar n Cream, which is a little sturider than the Cotton-Ease I was using, so it won't be as floppy. But the color of the Cotton-Ease was super pretty.

Finals are approaching. I have a paper due on Thursday, and one on Monday, and DUDS Ball is on Saturday (Oh! I finished my hat for the Joan of Arc costume and it looks perfect!), and you know what this means...

tons of procrastination. I hopefully will finish the second front of Salt Peanuts this week. And find someone with a digital camera to take pictures of my FOs.

April 22nd, 2004

(no subject) @ 12:39 pm

Current Mood: sad sad

I was going to post some pictures of one of the front's of Salt Peanuts, while I was knitting it on the picnic table on Sunday, with the sun shining on it so it looked very un-poop like.

But alas, it seems like the single piece of digital anything I own that hasn't given up on me just did, and my digital camera has pooped out on me.

Now I need a new computer and a new camera.



I'm knitting The Vintage Bathing Cap from knitty right now, in Pearl Grey LionBrand Jiffy. Why? For my Joan of Arc costume. Obviously. No embroidered flowers for me, though. Alas, no pictures for you, though.

Also finished the first front, and am working on the waist shaping of the second front. I keep on getting distracted by things. Like the wristbands for the march. Or the beautiful periwinkle Cotton-Ease saying "Make me into a Bottoms Up Bucket Hat." You know.

But I will finish the Cap soon, and then Salt Peanuts is not far behind.

Now about those wristbands...

April 19th, 2004

(no subject) @ 07:19 pm

Finished with the collar shaping on the left front of Salt Peanuts.


Short rows and decreasing and eyelet rib and armhole shaping.

Wow. Crazy!

I didn't read the instructions as carefully as I should have, and I had to go back and rip out most of the collar shaping and read very carefully and then go slowly, pay attention, and work through it. And I did!

I'm now just working the collar, that's going to be attatched to the back of the sweater, and a few more inches, and then I'm working on the next front. :)

April 17th, 2004

Spicy Almonds? @ 02:15 am

I finished the back of Salt Peanuts (or Pepper Cashews, as Ben likes to call it) last night, and started on the left front last night, too, because if I don't cast on immediately I will never finish.

I worked on it on the bus on the way to and from the Cloisters, and at TOE, tonight, while I was working (and then while I was just hanging out).

I wish that the pattern had just come out and said, hey, there's a garter stitch border, instead of just slipping it into the pattern and letting you figure it out. I love how the garter stitch looks, which says a lot, because I'm not a fan. It goes like this, on the front of the cardigan:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOXX** **XXOxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXOO** **OOXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With the eyelet ribbing as the bottom two rows, the border ribbing as the capital X's & O's, and the asteriks as the random garter border that they you only notice when you start knitting (and then is mentioned after you're finished with the ribbing). The little x's are St stitch.

And yes, I guess this small complaint would have been solved if I had read the pattern more carefully - but I'm a visual person, and I often have trouble understanding patterns unless I am actually knitting them.

Anyway. I've finished the eyelet rib border on the bottom of the cardigan, and am now past the waist shaping. it's interesting to knit, even though it is mostly stockinette because of the little border of garter and eyelet rib - I need to pay attention, and the pattern isn't too detailed there, so I really need to pay attention.

I'm scared to get to the collar shaping. We'll see when I get there.

April 15th, 2004

(no subject) @ 11:44 pm

Salt Peanuts wasn't feeling very photogenic.

posing with my toes

But yeah. There it is. Pinned to my carpet. I still have a few inches to go on the top, and then some shaping, but I'm almost done with the back, which is exciting. And then on to the fronts, and the sleeves.

I love how it knits up - it's incredibly dense, but has this wonderful hand -- I almost want to say that it's "chewy." But that may be the brown talking.

And the brown? growing on me. Not as poop-like. As I can see more, I see more of the nuances of the colors. And it does help that I am in love with the eyelet rib and thick fabric the Bergamo knits up into. It has a wonderful, lucious touch (it's not exactly soft), and I can't wait till I finish the sweater - I'm sure I'll wear it a lot.

April 13th, 2004

(no subject) @ 01:44 am

Hmm. My big summer project? 'cause I'm not really doing anything this summer but. well, knitting - could possibly be this.

Oooh! How beautiful is that?

I think that I would not do the embroidery on the front. And I can't decide what colors to use. Green, yes, because I am obsessed, but should the green be an accent? Should I use a solid? Which one? peacock? or kelly? Or the ever lovely varigataed mermaid green? Or maybe I should go with one of the more ribbony eyelash yarns. And what should the body be? Should I make the body in grey with green trim? Or black? Or should the body be beautiful vibrant kelly green, or hunter, with off white trim? Or black?

Decisions, decisions.

Maybe I should get hold of the pattern first.